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This secured website is intended to facilitate creditors' access to information in relation to the winding up of Glitnir and gather information from creditors. Users are responsible for ensuring that the information which they are requested to confirm is correct and up to date. Personal data provided by the creditors of Glitnir ("Glitnir") and their agents and representatives, will be stored in an electronic information system. Such data may include copies of documents relating to claims submitted by creditors, bank account details, details for delivery of notes and shares, correspondence between creditors or their agents and Glitnir and data relating to the use by creditors or their agents and representatives of the electronic information system.

Glitnir will treat all personal data in accordance with Act no. 77/2000 on the Protection of Privacy with respect to the Processing of Personal Data. Glitnir will only process personal data provided by creditors to the extent necessary in the course of the winding-up and related proceedings of Glitnir. Glitnir reserves all rights to share such data with its agents and advisors to the extent that such sharing may be necessary for its winding-up and related proceedings. The Winding-up Board bears no liability for direct, indirect, occasional, derived or special damage, which may arise from or is in any way related to access to this secured website or its use. The Winding-up Board reserves the right to correct errors on the secured website.

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